The people of Ban Chan (‘pottery village’) have been using traditional methods to make pottery for centuries. The story goes that the first king of Laos, back in the 16 th century, held a big celebration after winning a battle. He asked different villages to bring different things to the party. He requested the people of Ban Chan bring clay pots. Now, many, many generations later, the families of Ban Chan still carry on this tradition – pulling the clay from the earth on site and using their hands to create beautiful vessels.

You can visit this village start from 08:00 am to 17:00 pm, entrance free.

You will find Ban Chan just 4 kilometres from the boat pier at Chomphet, which makes it an easy bike ride away. Once you enter the village, turn right at the T-intersection and you’ll find the pottery site 100 metres on the right hand side of the dirt road. There’s a boat pier at Ban Chan, which means that if you feel weary after walking or riding, you can always load yourself and your bike onto a boat and head back to Luang Prabang. If you want to make your own clay pot, there are tour companies in Luang Prabang that can arrange a lesson on site for you.

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