Phou Si Mountain


The view of the Mekong River and the city from the hill top is superb, especially during sunset. However, first you must climb 328 steps to see the 20m high Wat Chomsi stupa. Please note that Phousi temple on the top of the hill is a sacred religious site. Please dress accordingly and remember that the consumption of alcohol here is strictly prohibited.

  • Open daily 08:00am – 17:30pm (Depen on the seasonal)
  • Tickets: 20.000k/person (under age of 7 years old free entrance)

Located on the main street about 5 minutes walk from the Tourist Information Center. There are 3 different ways but the entrance is infront of Luang Prabang National Museum.

it’s important to remember that bikinis and other very revealing swimwear are also frowned upon and public displays of affection, from hand-holding to more intimate gestures like kissing, are considered crude.

Please also note that visitors are expressly requested not to walk around with shirts off or in just bikini tops. This is considered rude (and the individual in question is assumed to have questionable morals and status).

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