By Air

Luang Prabang International Airport is just 4km from the city center. A spacious new terminal opened in 2013, but depending on your craft, you may still experience a blast of nostalgia walking across the tarmac for departure or arrival.

  • International route (LPQ)

–  Luangprabang – BangKok

  • Domestic route: 

–  Luangprabang- Vientiane

    Tel: 071212172

  • Lao Skyway:

–  Luangprabang- Vientiane ( 4 days a week  MON, WED, FRI, SUN)          Tel: 02058699666

  • [Getting to and from the airport]

From the airport: A flat-rate taxi (50,000kip/group) is available to each hotels/guesthouse or else in the town. The ticket counter is by the exit. A tuk-tuk is not allowed to pick the tourists at the airport.

To the airport: A tuk-tuk is available and takes about 15 minutes from the town centre.
For a more comfortable ride, your hotel or guesthouse should be able to arrange a transfer by air-conditioned minivan for 50,000 – 60,000 kip.


By Bus

Luang Prabang has a mini-bus terminal to go to the South and North of Laos and also go to Vietnam, Thailand and China. Further more, there are two main bus stations, one serving destinations to the north and the other for destinations to the south.

  • [Southern Bus Terminal]

Description: The Southern Bus Station known as Kiew Lot Sai Tai is located near the Luang Prabang stadium and about a 10 minutes ride southwest of town.   The Southern Bus station is the customer depot for all buses arriving and departing to southern cites. This Bus Station is near the  mini-bus service terminal. Tickets bought at the Bus Terminal or travel agencies around the town.
Open Daily from 7:00 to 17:00. (If you want to go by yourself have to pay 20.000 kip for Tuk-Tuk.)

To the south: Xayabouly, Kaenthao, Phonsavanh, Vangvieng and Vientiane. pak lai , Ngeun, Pak Bang, Hongsa , Ngeun and  Khob District.

Tel: 071252600, 071255024, 071260114

  • [North Bus Terminal]

Description: The Northern Bus Station in known as Kiew Lot Sai Nuae is located near the airport about a 15 minutes ride east of town.  In general, the Northern Bus Station services buses going in the northerly direction.  Tickets bought at the Terminal Counter.
Open Daily between 7 am to 17 pm. (If you want to go by yourself have to pay 50.000 kip – 70.000 kip for Tuk-Tuk).

–  To the North provinces: Oudomxay, Luangnamthar, Huaphanh (Xamneua), Bokeo (Houayxai) and Phongsaly.

–  To the North districts : Nongkhiew, Phonthong, Muang Viengkham, Muang phonsay, Muang pak xang, Muang Nambark


By Boat

The boat from Luang Prabang to Chiang Khong, Chieng Mai or Chieng Rai, the north of Thailand (the other direction than you’re planning). From LPB to Thailand takes 2 days and those 2 days are an absolute highlight of the trip. The relaxation, the scenery, the whole expereince is wonderful. To accross the Mekong River from Bokeo (Houayxai) to Thailand, there are 2 ways: crossing by boat or by Song Thaew (mini-bus) through the International Third Friendship Bridge (Visa on arrival is depend on the condition of the country), for mini-bus ticket is about 50 Thai Bath or 5.000 Kip.

To go to the boats peir is far form the town center about 9 kilometers, close to Souphanouvong University. Tuk-Tuk cost about 50.000 Kip.

There are two different boats: slow boats and speed boats.

Slow boats:

  • To Pakbeng and Bokeo (Houayxai). It takes 2 days and you should spend a night at Pakbeng.

Speed boats: 

  • Tel: 0205567293, 0205552492, 0305836536

By Train

By Train:

  •  EMU Train (C82)   Vientiane – Boten ( C81) Boten-Vientiane.  (C84) Vientiane-Luangprabang 
    (C83) Luangprabang- Vientiane. (C92) Vientiane-Luangprabang  (C91) Luangprabang- Vientiane
  • General Train: (K12) Vientiane- Boten (K11) Boten-Vientiane
  • Remark: Please contact the ticket office for checking the actual number of seat available.

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