Children’s in cultural center


The Children’s Cultural Center provides after-school and weekend activities for Lao children and youth to learn about Lao culture and traditions. Through participation in traditional music, drama, storytelling, singing, and a variety of arts and crafts activities, Lao children learn about their roots and develop skills that encourage healthy lifestyles, good stewardship and cultural preservation.

  • From September to May > Open on Tuesday to Friday 9-11:30am and 2-5pm
    and Saturday 8-11:30am and 2-5pm
  • From June to August > Open on Monday to Friday 9-11:30am and 2-5pm
  • Located in Pakham village. It takes about 5 minutes walk from the town center, just close to the Wat mai temple.
  • Welcome to Lao Traditional Performance By Children’s Cultural Center Luang Prabang
    Baci ceremony, Opening Epock, Epock Show, Hmong Dance, Khamu Dance, Lao Dance and Lao Traditional Boxing
    ※The program changes depending on the day.
    ※Usually the performance held around March from September in high season .
    ※It also will be held if there are more than 10 guest in low season.You can get the ticket at the center
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