Phralak Phralam


One of the best places to see traditional dance performance in Luang Prabang is at the Phralak Phralam Theatre on the grounds of the National Museum. The traditional dance performance known as Phralak Phralam. There, four times a week, dancers, accompanied by a live orchestra, perform the episodes of the Ramakien, or the Lao Ramayana. The Ramayana, popular throughout South and Southeast Asia, was first brought to Luang Prabang centuries ago by Buddhist missions. Since that time, the story has taken on a distinctively Lao style and is most popular in dance. The long traditions of the music and the performance persisted through the 20th century in Laos, as dancers, musicians, and artists continued to play the scenes outdoors on a variety of special occasions and as a part of annual Pi Mai (Lao new year) celebrations. In 2003, the Phralak Phralam Theatre was established by the Lao PDR with the cooperation and support of the international community, ensuring the survival of the Lao Ramayana and giving visitors and Lao people alike the opportunity to experience this vitally important part of Lao culture. For more information about performance schedules and the story of the Lao Ramayana, visit the Phralak Phralam website.

  • Phralak & Phralam Theatre Open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Satauday: 18:00pm from October to February/ 18:30pm from March to September
    Counter ticket: start from 08:00am until 18:00pm
  • Entrance fee: there are 3 different price depends on the row seat; start from 100,000kip, 120,000kip and 150,000kip/person
  • Located on the main street, it takes about 5 minutes walk from Tourism Information Center.
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