Luang Prabang Cuisin


Traditional Lao food is based on fresh ingredients, subtlety, and variety. Taking one of the many cooking classes offered around Luang Prabang will open your eyes to a world of aromatic herbs, fresh vegetables, and regional meats. More importantly, you’ll learn the Lao way for preparing and cooking all of these things together, from crushing fresh shallots in a mortar to steaming sticky rice over a wood fire. You may even decide to adopt some of these techniques for your own foods back at home. It’s a great way to share a taste of Laos with friends and family.

For cooking class you can register to take a course in the famous restaurant in town, mostly located on the main street.

Khao Soy

Khao Soy make from rice mostly eaten in Northern Laos.


A popular snack, Kaipen is made of freshwater green algae

Ork Lam

Traditional Luang Prabang stew.

Luang Prabang Salad

Fresh Vegetables

Luang Prabang Sausage


Fish Salad

Mekong fish

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