Sae Waterfall


These falls feature smaller cascades on a wider tributary. The area around the falls is more built-up than Kuang Si, and there are decks criss-crossing the water where you can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds. Nearby, an elephant park offers visitors the chance to meet, feed, and even ride Asian elephants.

  • Open daily 08:00am – 17:00pm

  • Tickets: 20.000k/person (under age of 8 years old free entrance)

Tad Sae requires a ride out of town and then a short trip down the Nam Khan river in a traditional longboat. Tuk-tuks regularly make the 14km trip to the boat launch area and cotinue to take the boat to the main waterfall about 8 minutes. And also you can go by bicycle takes around 45 minutes. Tad Sae can be dry or mostly dry from February to July, so be sure to check before you go. (Tuk-Tuk cost about 150.000 kip and you can share with others for cheaper cost).

When cooling off at the pool or the falls, it’s also important to remember that bikinis and other very revealing swimwear are also frowned upon and public displays of affection, from hand-holding to more intimate gestures like kissing, are considered crude.
Please also note that visitors are expressly requested not to walk around with shirts off or in just bikini tops. This is considered rude (and the individual in question is assumed to have questionable morals and status).

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