Slow boat & River cruise


The waters of the Mekong have for centuries been the major highways in this region, carrying goods, people and ideas up through the heart of Laos. Even today, boat traffic is a busy part of the Mekong. If you like, charter a boat and have your own trip, stopping and looking at what takes your fancy. You can dine on the river or just laze with your camera at the ready.

Many popular spots are accessible by boat (some, like a Tad Sae Waterfall and Tham Ting Cave are only accessible by boat). Consider, too, simply hiring a boat to cross the Mekong to visit Chomphet district for a great perspective on the city from across the river. Or take a spectacular sunset cruise to relax and take in the natural beauty.

  • Near Luang Prabang, you can visit Tam Ting, a pair of centuries-old cave temples that are home to hundreds of small wooden Buddha images. Often called the Pak Ou caves because they are situated across from the mouth (Pak) of the Ou River. It takes 3.5 hours for a round trip and you can by a boat ticket at the office at Vat Nong village. (Departure time: 08:00 am every day and ticket cost 80.000kip/person).
  • Consider a river cruise if you seek something a bit more romantic and nostalgic in your visit to Laos. A variety of lovely cruising boats travel both the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers; these range from stay-on-board luxury cruise craft to smaller, more traditional boats that cruise by day and deliver travellers to guest houses for overnight stays. The quiet luxury of a river cruise is matched only by the majesty of the views surrounding it.
  • You can have a look for more information at Tour Operators mostly located on the main street.
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