Basic Information

Visas & Immigration

All visitors entering Laos must possess valid passports valid for at least six months from the date of entry. On entering Laos visitors must ensure they receive an entry stamp in their passport, as fines for not having one are expensive.

There are several ways to apply for VISA. The regulation depends on the nationality. There are no-visa entry opportunity for several countries for 15 days.

See [Visa] details >


Tuk-tuk is the most popular transpotation in the town. Rental bicycle and retal moto-bike are also avialable.

Transportation to the airport see [Access] >

Power Plug

The standard electrical current used in Laos is 220 volts and you can use power plugs with two and three square prongs here.


The Lao Kip (LAK) is the official currency of the Lao PDR. In many hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants, US dollar(USD) and Thai Baht(THB) are ucceptable. There are several places of money exchange and banks in the town centre.

Credit Card

Visa is the most commonly accepted. Master Card and American Express are accepted in the big hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Internet & Phone


Internet access is available in many hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants. It is difficult to connect to the internet in rural areas. Wifi rental is available at the airport.  If you have SIM-free device, SIM card is available at the Dala market in the town centre area.


International direct dial is widely available. You can also purchase a local pre-paid SIM card for your mobile phone.


The national language is Lao, but English is commonly used in major tourist spot in Luang Prabang. Thai is widely understood.


Laos generally enjoys a mild tropical climate, but it can get quite chilly in the cool season. Temperatures range from 10-40 degrees celsius in the Mekong Valley.

April to mid-October is Green Season — a time of cooling rains, clear mountain views, and flowing waterfalls.
November to March is mostly dry, a little cooler, and a great time to explore.

*January to February is winter, sometimes it feels like 2-5 degree. In Laos, there is no heater at the most of hotels and guesthouses. We recommend to bring the protections against cold weather in case.

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