Rice farming


If you or your family want to try your hand at rice farming, from planting to harvesting, you can do that in a morning in Luang Prabang. Every aspect of the traditional rice farm is featured, so that you can experience the process in its traditional format, working an ox, planting the rice, harvesting, separating the rice from the chaff, and then finally thrashing it.

Alongside rice farming, of course, are the connected traditional crafts of blacksmithing and weaving, undertaken by elders of the village. After all the work, you can enjoy eating the staple produce of Laos.

  • They open every day
  • Start at 8:30am in every morning

(if who interested in this activity, you can make a reservation with a tour operator in town mostly located on the main street, Sisavangvong Road)

  • You can book with tour operators in the city, mostly located in the center of Sisawangvong Road.
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