Homeland of Elephants

Sayabouly has the largest number of elephants in Laos.

It’s only 2 hours driving from Luang Prabang. If you want to meet the Lao elephants Sayabouly Province is the best option. Sayabouly has the largest number of elephants in Laos, which are commonly used to carry heavy items to and from fields and forest, elephant riding tours can be arranged and a visit to the Lao Elephant Conservation Center is 2days-1night trip.

It’s 2hours drive from Luang Prabang. Minivan and Bus are available from Southern Bus terminal.

Where to visit

Elephant Conservation Center

The elephant conservation center is a place where you can get up close with the elephants in their traditional natural environment. Away from mass tourism venues, the Center offers a global approach to the conservation of Laos’ elephants. We are not just another elephant camp!

  • We don’t take elephants from their home into urban tourist areas. We take YOU to THEM, in their natural environment.
  • Elephants at the Center are here to rest, either waiting to give birth or recovering from an exhausting life in logging or mass tourism industries. Do NOT expect to see package tours riding our elephants all day long!
  • Your visit contributes to our pioneering socialization and reproduction programmer.
  • Overall, the elephant Conservation Center is a place that focuses on animal welfare, observation, soft interaction & learning.
What You Can Do?
  • With the elephants – Walking with elephants/Observation platforms/Elephant feeding
  • Information center – Elephant museum, exhibitions/Multimedia info center/Souvenir shop
  • Breeding & Training – Reproductive health center/Socialization & enrichment area, etc’
  • Accommodation – Bungalows/Dormitory/Family cottage/Hot showers, Restaurant & Bar
  • Other Activites – Kayak on the lake/Yoga & meditation area/Camp fire/Natural swimming pool
How to get there?

From Luang Prabang ECC minivan departs from the post office on the main street daily at 8am, and returns daily to Luang Prabang, arriving approximately at 4:30 pm. The journey take approximately 2 hours.

For more information please visit their website >

Events & Festivals In Sayabouly

Elephant Festival

Currently rotated among Sayabouly’s districts, this annual mid-February ( For 2016, will be held on 19-21 February )  festival commemorates the nation’s living icon. The two-day celebration, filled with elephant-related activities and performances, kicks off with an elephant procession and monks’ blessings, followed by the  election of the Elephant of the Year, which leads the second day’s parade.

As a living icon with important symbolic connotations and historical associations in Laos, the elephant is an animal dear to the hearts of the Lao people. The Elephant festival is a celebration of culture and traditional ties between Lao communities and elephant as well as drawing attention to the endangered status of this charismatic species the Elephant festival is a free, all-ages event with activities including a majestic elephant procession with up to 100 elephants, a traditional elephant Baci ceremony, fruit and flower offerings, monks’ blessing, mahout and elephant shows, live performances  from Lao and foreign artists, a night market and outdoor elephant museum visitor will have the opportunity to see documentary films on a large outdoor screen and enjoy live performance on the main stage or go for an elephant ride in the Neighbouring forest.

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